Storytime… Legolas !

Hi, hi !

So… Storytime ! I have three pets: two cats and a bunny. And I’m gonna share with you the amazing story of how this bunny came to my life!

Six years ago, I got my first bunny, first pet here in Vienna, where I live for the past seven years. The name of the bunny ? Frodo! They said that he “probably” was a boy . So there he was. My cute, little, happy bunny. For two years everything was fine and calm… Until… I got my second bunny… Sam! (Yes,yes… Frodo and Sam, big Lord of the Rings fan!) Who was surely a boy, BUT! But he was supposed to be very young and not fertil yet… So it was time for the two bunnies to meet and become friends and be cute together! Which wasn’t that easy since Frodo was quite jealous and aggressive to Sam. So after reading a lot and talking to vets I put the two bunnies in the bathtub to introduce them to one another. And… And well … They liked each other. Too much. But Sam was so small and the whole thing happened so fast (plus Frodo was supposed to be a boy!) so I didn’t even consider the option that Frodo could have just gotten pregnant…

One month later, on a quite evening, Frodo was running around in the living room (I never close them in the cages) quite stressed. And I turned to suddenly see him pulling his fur off, keeping it in his mouth and running behind the couch (over and over again). I was like “Oh my god. My bunny got crazy”. Followed him, moved the couch and saw… HER nest ! Yes,yes, SHE was making a nest. I checked online what can this mean etc etc, still not thinking that my bunny boy was pregnant … Just for this possibility though, I decided to do what was said by everyone. Take her nest, put in her cage and close her there and the plan was to take her to the vet the next morning.

In the morning I went to Frodo’s cage to check on her before taking her to the vet. She made the strongest nest ever, made out of EVERYTHING she found (her food and hay, her plates, toys ) inside the little wooden house she had in her cage. I removed this wooden house just to check and saw on top of the nest something that looked like a tiny dead baby bunny… I got scared and sad and thought (being sure now that she was pregnant) that maybe she gave birth too early and still has more babies in her belly … For few seconds I was staring at the nest, sad, until… It started moving ! The nest started moving!!! So I checked … And on the total bottom of it was … Legolas!!! The cuttest thing you’ve ever seen ! He had just one ear (probably there was some accident during birth) but that makes him even more special !!!

Today, Legolas is almost 4 years old and is the boss of the house (he even attacks the cats!) .

So that’s how Legolas came to my life…

And coming soon… Cat-stories!


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