Review: Colourpop

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I really love makeup. I find it creative and fun and just love to find new products and colours to play with ! BUT. No animal should suffer for us to have cool makeup products. I find it absolutely crazy and inhuman that companies still test on animals and that people support these companies by buying their products.

Everything makeup and beauty product I will mention in this blog will be cruelty free and almost everything vegan (few vegetarian products ).

So, as I mentioned, I live in Austria and unfortunately there is not a big variety of cruelty free makeup companies to buy from here. But that’s ok! Because we have online shopping! And we can reach colourpop! An american, cruelty free company, almost 100% vegan (their non vegan products are mentioned on their website) and budget friendly.
Colourpop is quite popular for its liquid lipsticks. So, I purchased some of their “ultra matte” lipsticks(6$).


  • Long-lasting
  • Super pigmented
  • Mostly transfer-proof


  • Drying
  • Some of the darkest shades get a bit patchy

Tip: before using exfoliate your lips and put on your lip balm. When your lips are already hydrated and prime, gently wipe away the excess of the lip balm and make sure that your lips are dry. Then you can put on your lipstick but for better result, use less of the product and work it on your lips.
Highlighter: I got the “Flexitarian” highlighter (8$)which I highly recommend. It’s creamy, easy to use (I most of the times use it with my fingers or the tip of my beauty blender), extremely beautiful and lasts very long!

Brows: I got their pencil in the shade “Dope-Taupe” which is one of my absolute favourite products! It’s very thin and therefore can give a very defined result, creamy soft and has a really great spoolie brush! Definitely recommended!!! It’s only disadvantage is that it goes quite fast. But… It costs 5$ only(!) so you can repurchase or get a bunch of them !

Then I also wanted to try some of their lippie stix and the ultra satin liquid lipsticks.

Ultra satin lips(6$): I unfortunately got just one(shade “Magic Wand”) but at least got 5(!) mini ones from Colourpop as a gift. Now I can surely say that on my next order I will get a whole bunch of these amazing lipsticks !!! I couldn’t more satisfied with these products!


  • Very pigmented
  • Very comfortable on the lips
  • Long-lasting
  • Transfer-proof


  • Not very accurate colour swatches on the website 

Their lippie Stix(5$) are also quite pigmented, hydrating, very comfortable on the lips and surprisingly long-lasting and I think more people should check them out and talk about them !

Blush:Their blush (8$, shade “Between the sheets”) is absolutely gorgeous . Not even a single complain about it. Creamy, very pigmented and I love this shade!

As for their eye shadows(5$), I only got one of their “Super Shock” shadows in the shade “Wattles”, which is very beautiful and creamy (so creamy that I think for best application you should use your fingers) and one of the pressed eye-shadows, in the shade “Wake up call”, which is a perfect transition shade or base shade.

In general, I really love Colourpop. I think their products are really worth trying and you should go ahead and try them ! Plus, they arrive in the sweetest package ever !

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3 Replies to “Review: Colourpop”

  1. I’ve been eyeing up Colourpop products for a while now as it seems like every beauty YouTube guru loves their stuff! I was excited to see that they list the products which aren’t vegan and that it’s only a small amount! I know you get charged customs when they ship to the UK though, but I’ll definitely keep your recommendations in mind if I decide to order, thanks 🙂

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