7 weird things my cats do


So, as I already mentioned, I have two cats… Sammy and Elvis. But they’re no ordinary cats… I know, I know… All cats are weird. But… Just keep reading and you’llโ€‹understand! 

1. Sammy eats her food like an educated lady. I found Sammy on the street when she was still just 2 months old… So probably, since she didn’t learn how to eat from other cats, she learned how to eat from humans. Meaning : she sits in front of her bowl, leaving a certain distance from it of course, and takes her food (dry or wet) AND WATER with her paws. 

2. Elvis drinks water from everywhere but his water-bowl. But when I say everywhere, I mean everywhere. He started by drinking straight from the tap. Then went on drinking from our glasses. And the highlight… Drinking from the toilet… Oh yes … I saw him doing that too ! (P.S. He always has clean water !) 

3. Sammy licks my hair. Yes,yes. She just grabs it and licks it like crazy. Apparently it’s a demonstration of love, and of your cat showing you that you are her family … So it’s really sweet actually! 

4. They both throw whatever is close to them on the floor . They just sit down (on the table most of the times), look carefully what they have around them, they pick their “victim” and calmly push it till it falls on the floor. And if I try to put this object back where it was, then the same thing happens …

5. Destroy the toilet paper. I know more cats do that . But I couldn’t not mention it. They just grab it with such hate and seem to get such a satisfaction while destroying it… (To tiny pieces … That they then play with … And they end up EVERYWHERE! )

6. Elvis talks . Yes . He talks. All the time . He meows when he is bored , until someone plays with him. He meows when he’s hungry. He meows constantly. Non stop.   

7. Last for this post, I saved the best and most unique behaviour of Sammy. Sammy purrs. A lot. And loud. And when I say loud, I mean LOUD…

Oh and just in case you thought that that was all… Well..  just wait for the part 2! 


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