8 things I’ve learned while living abroad

Hi, hi ! 

I hope you are all doing great !

In this post you’ll get to know a bit more about my life, about me…

I left my country (Greece), when I was 18, to come to study in Vienna, Austria,where I still live, seven years later…

Here are some of the things that I’ve learned while living abroad.

1. You can adapt to anything. When I fist came here I didn’t know anyone, was too shy and scared to use the language and spent my first months skyping with my friends and family. That though,was just for the first couple of months… Until I started meeting my new friends and creating my new life here …

(Vienna’s Prater, the oldest amusement park in the world !)

2. Distance doesn’t affect real friendships. Since I’ve left Greece, I obviously lost contact with many people. The ones that are still in my life though, are just like family … Everytime we reunite it feels like I was never gone…

3. Don’t be scared of your accent. Well, I live in a very international city. I’ve met people from so many countries here and have friends from all over the world! Different accents make everyone feel more comfortable and less scared to actually use another language!

4. You have to do it on your own. You simply have to learn to do stuff on your own. From simple tasks like cooking and cleaning to complicated bureaucratic procedures ! Once you do it though, you will be so proud of yourself​ that it will make it all worth it…

5. Life without pets sucks. I have always had pets in Greece so the first months in Vienna it was really weird not having any… Having a pet makes wherever your are feel like home, there’s always someone there for you… And that’s why, just 10 months after moving here I got my first bunny! 

6. Sometimes… You have to throw some stuff out ! Well… Having too much stuff is never an issue when you still live with your parents. But well… When you move, to another country, to a smaller place, then…then you realise!!! And then you either donate your stuff to charity or you can also sell them, to get a little extra pocket money ! 

7. There’s no place like home. Home meaning your country, the place where you grew up, where your family is … You’ll just see it all very differently. And  you’ll appreciate every little thing about it.

(That’s the view from our balcony in Greece!)

8. There’s always more to learn. Living abroad, you learn new things every single day. New languages, new cultures, new rules, new foods… There’s just so much out there… 

I definitely think that everyone who has the chance should try to live abroad for a while. Either for studies or for a job or just because you want to take a year off! Don’t be affraid of leaving your friends and family, they will always be there for you! Don’t worry about not knowing anyone, you will meet people sooner or later! You will learn so much… New languages, new cultures. You will meet so many wonderful people, see so many beautiful places and get experiences that you will never forget… 

Thanks for reading ! 


2 Replies to “8 things I’ve learned while living abroad”

  1. nur 7 hat mich nachdenklich-gemacht,!! Tollen !! Typs !!! 7. Es gibt keinen Ort wie zu Hause. Home was bedeutet dein Land, der Ort, an dem du aufgewachsen bist, wo deine Familie ist … Du siehst es einfach ganz anders. Und du wirst alles Gute schätzen. nur returnieren Vorvergangenheit ,

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