theBalm in Vienna!!!

Hi, hi! 

As I already mentioned, here in Vienna the options for good cruelty-free makeup are not that many.  Now, to be completely honest, theBalm was already available on the online store of Douglas. But JUST online… So when I walked in Müller yesterday and saw the stand of theBalm, filled with their beautiful products, I literally started screaming !!! 

If you don’t know much about the brand, it has a very interesting story. It’s an American brand, founded in 2004 by Marissa Shipman. After years of working in TV production, Marissa decided that she wants to follow her dream: work in the cosmetics industry. So, she moved to San Francisco and after many rejections from many cosmetic companies she decided to do it on her own ! She bought 11 books about how to make makeup on Amazon and just like that, started her own company ! Isn’t this amazing ?!

theBalm is a cruelty-free​ and paraben-free company with a variety of vegan products.

The philosophy of the brand is “beauty in five minutes”and is based on the founder’s belief that it’s only few products that we need to feel and look glamorous! Therefore their products are Multi-use .

I haven’t tried anything from this brand until now, but knowing a bit about them and seeing their packaging already made me love it ! Okay, let’s talk about the packaging… Their retro, 50’s pin up designs are just beautiful and the quality of the packaging is great. They are so unique and original! 

Well, if you thought that I got out of this shop without buying something … You are obviously wrong ! I just couldn’t resist! I had to try at least one of their products. And this one product was the Mary-Lou Manizer highlighter(24€ – vegan), one of the brand’s best sold items. 

I was already so happy just to hold and look at this beautiful, little product! The packaging, as said and as you can tell by the photos, is gorgeous and you also get a very nice mirror in it. 

The product : a beautiful light golden, champagne highlighter (which can also be used as an eyeshadow). The pigmentation is simply fantastic and the texture feather soft. You can use it on your cheek bones, under the brows, on your nose, the inner eye corner and wherever you want some light and shimmer! It blends into the skin perfectly and has no fallout at all! Just a simple touch with your brush and it’s all you need to get the most beautiful, healthy looking glow! 

 (A very quick makeup look -it took me less than 10′- just to show you how beautifully this product looks on the cheek bones! If you want a more extreme result you can achieve that by just applying a bit more !)


  • Extremely pigmented
  • No fallouts
  • Blends beautifully and easily 
  • Vegan
  • Paraben-free
  • Long-lasting 
  • Comes with a great mirror 

Cons :


 I absolutely love this product and couldn’t say enough good things about it! It’s a product you simply must try !!!

I will definitely try more of this amazing brand’s products and tell you all about them.

Thanks for reading!

Have a great day!


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