Try on Fashion Haul!

Hi,hi ! 

So… Some days ago there were some offers on the android app of Bershka… And… I, of course, took advantage of them and ordered some things which I received today and I’m really excited to share with you !!! I love every single thing I chose and I hope you will too! (I’m also writing all the price details in case you are interested! Those items are now available-at least in Austria)

Okay! First of all I got this incredibly beautiful embroidered tulle trim top. I absolutely love this top. I got it in size S and it’s still very comfortable. I couldn’t be happier with it !!! (Price: 15,99€)

Next item I ordered, was something I wanted to get for a long time already. Black Mom fit jeans ! And guess what…Yes,yes… I’m in love! They are super comfortable, the quality is great and they are just cool! They also have few discreet rips around the knees. I love the mom jeans style and I’m very satisfied with how these ones fit (I got them in size 36). (Price: 19,99€)

I also got some sneakers! Some cool sneakers! Metallic ones! They are so shiny and beautiful and I’m honestly quite impressed with their quality! I’m definitely going to use these a lot…! (Price: 19,99€)
But since it’s summer, I also needed some sandals… And of course they had to be shiny too! With real glitter on them! They are flat and comfortable but also elegant and fancy! Great for both day and night looks! (Price: 19,99€)

Then comes this very classy, perfect sized black bag, with a thin chain strap. Just beautiful! (Price: 12,99€)

The last item is another shiny one… A multi-purpose wallet/purse! In a gorgeous rose gold shade, it can be used during the day as a stunning wallet and during the night as your only purse! It also has place for your phone and lipstick!!! (Price: 12,99€)

I have to say, I am extremely happy with my order. I didn’t just like the things I got. I loved them all! And I hope you do too !

Thanks for reading !


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