Storytime… Sammy!


Pet storytime… This time about my kitty, Sammy!

Three years ago, something terrible happened… One of my beloved bunnnies, my sweet Sam, passed away… I did everything I could to save him, but it wasn’t enough.  It is surprisingly difficult to find specialists for bunnies. Fortunately, after Sam’s passing I did a lot of research, trying t find a good enough rabbit specialist for my other two bunnies, but that’s another story, for another time!

The worst thing was that he died while I was away… my boyfriend called me with the news the day after I had left for Greece! Losing a pet is a truly unbearable feeling.My pets are my family… I was really suffering. And on top of that, while grieving in hot Greece I had a scheduled appointment to extract two of my wisdom teeth!!! Yes, yes… So, after the procedure, I accompanied my sister to her wedding dress rehearsal. With red, swollen eyes, (and swollen face from the procedure), we arrived at the boutique, in a quiet, suburban street of Athens. I decided to stay outside to have some air and calm down, from my sudden heartbreak… And at this moment, when I thought nothing more could go wrong, I heard a noise. I started looking around and finally saw two incredible, big, green eyes looking at me… Then I tried not to move too much,as to not scare away a tiny, beautiful kitten. I waited  patiently for her to come to me. And it happened! She came. And since the moment I touched her for the first time, she started purring… like I had not heard another cat purr ever before. And she didn’t stop.
In Greece stray cats and dogs are all over the place, and they’re usually very friendly! Since I was little I always stroked, and played with the friendly ones, but this one was different… she gave me such a special feeling…I felt like she knew me, and like she wanted to follow me home. And the day that I found her…The day that I found her, with everything that had happened, it seemed like a sign….I couldn’t just leave her where I found her…so we took her back in my parents’ home. 

When my dad saw me with the cat he asked: “What was your bunnyยดs name?” And i answered that it was Sam… And then he told me to name the kitty Sammy! And so I did.
Sammy purred for a week without stop. I mean, I was worried! I even called the vet to ask if something was wrong with her. But everything was perfect… she was just too happy to be in a warm, safe place, with food, toys and plenty of love… She was sleeping with me since the very first day and I was completely in love with her.

(Skype shots my boyfriend took while I was introducing  Sammy to him the first night I had her) 

A week later, my boyfriend came to join me in Athens as we had arranged to go on  a short island break.He fell in love with her from the first second. He was (and still is) CRAZY about her…

As you can imagine we couldn’t leave without her… Few days later, we finally decided to bring her to her new home… We brought her to Vienna! 

The first days back home were very difficult … Sam’s passing was very painful and the house without him was not the same. However, as the days went by, seeing sammy adapt so well, and enjoying her new life to the full, opened a new chapter in our lives. Our other two bunnies were quite excited too, that they got a surprise partner in crime! Sammy didn’t come to replace Sam, this was not our intention. On the other hand she, very capably, filled the gap that he left behind!


Sammy is such a wonderful pet… She is so grateful, I always feel that she somehow remembers that I saved her from the street… That’s one of the reasons why I strongly believe that you should always rescue your pets or adopt them instead of buying them from a pet shop. She grew up to be an unbelievably beautiful and funny cat. She is so special. Her purr is still the same, weird and loud but I love it. I love this cat so much that words could never describe…


You will surely read about Sammy in the future, I will be talking about her and my other pets a lot! 

So, that’s how I found my Sammy…! I hope you enjoyed the story!
Thanks so much for reading!


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