Hair makeover at a Paul Mitchell Salon !

Hey there! 

I hope you are all doing great!

 So, yesterday I went for the first time at a Paul Mitchell hair salon. As you know, I’m only using cruelty-free products ,so obviously I only go to cruelty-free hair salons. Therefore, when I heard about the Paul Mitchell salons in Vienna, I looked them up, and finally decided to go to the “Insider of Hair” Salon. It is the Paul Mitchell flagship salon, so they work exclusively with PM products.

 Paul Mitchell‘s company, was the first beauty company to publicly stand up against animal testing. They decided to stop selling in China, since animal testing there is mandatory, and their products are being researched, formulated and tested on humans instead! In a 12 chair working salon in their Product Innovation Center .

After a very nice hair consultation last week with the color experts, we decided to change my grown out balayage (which is longer than 4 months now!) to fullhead platinum blonde highlights. 


So, yesterday was my makeover day, and here is how the process went :

First they washed my hair with a deep cleansing shampoo, which immediately made my existing color look much brighter. Then they blow-dried it to a very sleek finish, so that the colourist could easily do literally tons of very thin, natural looking highlights. And so she did. It took about an hour just for the highlights. Then they washed my hair with platinum shampoo to start removing the yellow tones, followed by an amazing treatment, that smelled unbelievably good, and left my hair super soft. Now it was time for the toner , which stayed on my hair for 20 minutes.

4 hours on, and finally, I sat on the chair to get the finished look styling. But before that… One of the members of this wonderful team, gave me the most amazing essential oil massage . She made me close my eyes and choose the oil by its smell, and then gave me the most amazing 5 minutes of my day…

The end result??? !!! Well, before blow-drying, they primed my hair with one of the new, Morula Oil products ( I can’t even begin to describe how great its smell was), and that was it ! 

Here is the end result :

I am more than satisfied with my experience at this salon! The team is very friendly and really professional, my Colourist, Cony, gave me incredibly beautiful, thin, natural looking highlights. The products smelled amazing and each member of the salon’s team made sure that I have a great, relaxed time ! They also gave me a pretty big bag of samples to try out (I will of course talk about all the products on another post). So, if you live in Vienna, I highly recommend the Insider of Hair Salon. You will really enjoy it, and you will surely get the best possible result!

So,that’s all about my hair makeover ! I’m completely in love with my new hair and I hope you like it too! 

Thanks for reading ! 



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