Fashion Challenge: 5 days – one T-shirt, day 5/ ft. Brooke Clarke 

Hey everyone!

I hope you are doing great !

First of all I have to apologize for posting this sooo late …one of my best friends came to visit me from Greece and… Well… This happened ! 

And now …fifth and last day/outfit of this challenge. In case you didn’t see my previous posts though, here’s what this is about :

I’m more than happy to do my first Blog-Collab with the stunning Brooke Nicole Clarke

After many cool ideas we both decided that the most fun to do would be this challenge : for 5 days we will use one T-shirt and everyday create with it different looks and styles! So… Let’s see how this goes!

I chose to use one of the most basic T-shirts I own. A white one, with a front little pocket, from New Yorker . And I am going to try to create 5 different outfits with it…

Day 5:

For the last day/outfit I chose to go with a total white, elegant outfit. Super skinny white jeans (from Primark) with my with T-shirt, styled with my new favourite, blue sandals (from the “Ellie Goulding, Star Collection” of Deichmann) … I’m completely in love with them …! And a very small purply blue bag (from Primark).

For my hair I chose to just do a very simple bun, since it’s like 100 degrees outside, and thought that a simple makeup look with a nice glow would fit this outfit.

For my makeup I used the following products: 

  • Benecos : natural creamy make-up
  • Essence: Stay all day 16h concealer
  • Colourpop: brow pencil in shade dope taupe
  • Benecos: Vegan Volume Mascara 
  • Colourpop: Super Shock Cheek blush in the shade Between the sheets
  • Colourpop: Super Shock Cheek highlighter in the shade Flexitarian
  • Colourpop: Ultra Satin lipstick in the shade Frick n’ Frack

I hope you enjoyed this challenge as much as Brooke and I did. I would also be very happy to see more of you trying this or similar fashion challenges! 

Which is your favourite outfit? 





Or 5?

Thanks for reading!


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